Be Welcome!

We could not fail to present you our “home”. Located in the building of the Cultural Centre of Vila Nova da Barquinha (next to the Contemporary Sculpture Park Almourol), It is the ideal place to receive all those who are passing by Vila Nova da Barquinha!

There you can meet someone from the team Welcome to, always willing to help visitors, whether giving hints on “where to eat” or “what to see”, or simply presenting to you some of the regional products that we have for sale.

Our tourist office is a little bit different from the usual. As the wonderful town of Vila Nova da Barquinha, it is unique. Apart from our geographical position, next to one of the most beautiful parks in Europe, our door is always opened to tourists. We want to live up to our principles and help improve our visitors’ touristic experience. Whether in our mother tongue or in the universal English, we exist to welcome you and to pass on the culture of Vila Nova da Barquinha.