Almourol Castle – New Timetable & Templar Tent

Almourol Castle changed its schedule in May 2015.

Thus, it becomes possible to visit it during all days of the week, revoking the day of confinement – Monday.

Please be advised that, also from May, there will be again more life at the Castle of Almourol. The Templar Tent is again up with new products and souvenirs that you can purchase in order to never, ever, forget your visit to the most beautiful Castle of Portugal.

If visiting the Castle, take the opportunity to take a picture with the resident Templar and then share it with us!



XXI Month of Shad and Lamprey

The most appreciated gastronomic season by our visitors has already begun!

The culture of Vila Nova da Barquinha is intimately linked to the fishing arts. Thus, gastronomy has adapted itself to the presence of certain delicacies as shad and lamprey.

From February 14 to April 5 occurs the XXI Month of Shad and Lamprey where you can find in the participating restaurants some of the gastronomic specialties that excite the delicacies’ lovers, such as Açorda de Sável (Special Bread Stew with Shad) and Arroz de Lampreia (Lamprey-Rice).

To help publicize this event, some of the restaurants that are on its membership list have been present in several television programs.

XXI Month of Shad and Lamprey – Agora Nós – RTP1 (public broadcaster Television Show)


This is one of the best opportunities to get to know Vila Nova da Barquinha a little bit more, combining the specialties at the table to some unforgettable spots of interest!

You can count on our help so that together we create the most suitable program according to your requirements, providing you with the possibility of building unforgettable memories from Vila Nova da Barquinha.


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